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History + Philosophy


brennan+company architects is a 28-year-old, open-studio, collaborative firm housed in an historic 1840 sustainably renovated building on Main Street in Ellicott City, Maryland. We specialize in beautiful and smart community buildings and residences, both new and renovated. We promote building preservation and reuse as critical to sense of place and create holistic sustainable environments for healthy and efficient living.

We are committed to quality solutions by way of collaborative and creative design process.  We begin with the client's requested requirements, budget and design spirit to create an imaginative and thoughtful conceptual response.  The design develops through an ongoing review process with the client, culminating in the details and specifications necessary for bid and construction.  We monitor the client's budget during the design process by submitting the project to the contractors for pricing, prior to preparing drawings for bid and construction. The result is a richly detailed and described project, one that takes into consideration history, proportion, scale, appropriateness, environmental impact and affordability.


Historic Preservation
brennan+company has a passion for historic preservation and believe in our commitment to maintain our region’s architectural heritage.  We take great pride in our sensitivity to historic structures and old houses and respect them with appropriate additions and renovations.

Sustainable Architecture
A core philosophical pursuit of brennan+company architects is to provide architecture that is environmentally responsible, beautiful and creatively executed. We believe it is our fundamental duty to educate the public on humanity's effect on the environment and to diminish negative impact on our ecosystem. It is our goal to visualize and implement a better quality of life for all of our clients. This involves looking at projects with a holistic approach to explore its impact on architecture, environment, agriculture, the economy and the community.

Master Planning
brennan+company architects enters a project in a thoughtful and considered manner. The master plan, on any number of levels, is a necessary tool that must be in place to focus future conversation and expenditures wisely. We have provided many clients with master plans that delineate phases for their projects in a logical order to avoid redundancies and increase implementation.

Integrated Design Team
We firmly believe in an integrated team approach to our projects.  This involves bringing all parties to the table, including the owner, the users, builder, the community and the project consultants to engage in a collaborative discussion of the issues and goals. The result is ultimately an efficient and focused endeavor to bring a sustainable design and planning approach to the construction process.

Community Involvement
Community review and comment is critical to the success of a project.  There are zoning, historic review, and building code issues to identify and address.  We have appeared before boards on variance, special exception, and historic issues in most of the entities in and around Washington, DC, Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland and Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia. We have heard the comments, consulted the owners, and implemented the changes to keep the project moving forward.

Healthy Live and Work Environments
brennan+company strongly believes you should love your house.  This emotion inspires happiness, peace and good family time. Our home and work spaces must be healthy and pleasant places to spend our time.  Well-designed, finished and lighted space encourages more productive and engaged work.  Fresh air, views and a sense of ownership for the employee and the public instill pride of place and ultimately increase its usefulness, utility and longevity.

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