ECOhistoric renovation: the merryman house ellicott city, before

September 27, 2011

we begin with a home originally built in 1840 and known as the Merryman House on Main Street in Ellicott City. updates to the building have been minimal over the years and most changes only temporary fixes. other than selective new windows, new roofs gutters and downspouts, and repainting of the west wall, the exterior will be left relatively unchanged. the bottom floor is occupied by two current tenants. the second floor…well…vacant and unloved. damage from water leaks, half of the building had no heat, broken windows, a sinking toilet…the list could go on…here's a bit of photographic evidence:

main street facade will remain relatively unchanged, new windows, no window units

merryman street second floor entrance will remain unchanged, new roof, windows, no window units

some unloved interiors

some of the water damage

don't worry. there will be no evidence this ever existed (other than this blog post)

comes with a 171 year old fireplace + original wood floors!