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August 12, 2016

2D0V3489 copyOur project, natural haven is featured on Houzz in the ideabook Stone’s Throw: Wonderful Ways With Pebbles.
An except from the article in reference to our project:
“Even a small space can be enhanced with the addition of pebbles. While a bathroom is the obvious choice for a playful use of pebbles, a mosaic border could also enliven an entrance hall or home office. Other ideas include making a pebble ‘frame’ around an island bench in the kitchen. Or take the idea outside and edge a patio area with complementary pebbles.”

April 19, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.13.10 PM
Our project, a house in a garden is featured on Houzz in the ideabook Dynamic Duo: How to Pull Off a Two-Tone Exterior Color Scheme.
An except from the article in reference to our project:
“Of course, two-tone schemes need not be limited to contemporary-style homes. And you don’t necessarily need to go bold, either. A subtle color contrast is a good option for a more traditional home. Pick a house color you like and simply go a couple of steps lighter or darker on the swatch card to find your coordinating hue.”

February 26, 2016

Framing is complete, plumbings lines have been run, electrical has been wired, ducts have been installed, and we are moving ahead at full throttle!
In the past few weeks Hayes Construction has put up drywall in all the rooms, installed flooring, given the tile guys the go-ahead, and is in the process of painting the rooms with the colors we chose last week. And the cabinets are in!
The rooms are light-filled and spacious. The family room has a beautiful view of the the water, and a canopy view of the trees, which makes for excellent birdwatching from the windowseat. IMG_0273
The dining room is filled with light and has beautiful patio doors that will open onto back deck. And even the basement has a beautiful concrete floor and plenty of light.
The mason did a superb job on the chimney, capturing Carri’s vision to blend the stone into the brick like a french country villa.
Hayes has been wonderful to work with thus far and communication has been great. Anytime they hit a snag we talk about it at our weekly meetings  to come to a solution, which makes the process much smoother.
That’s all for now folks, until next time!

December 8, 2015

Hope, Joy, Cheer and the Renewal of Spirit

December is upon us and there is much to do in our annual holiday routine as we prepare for the celebrations of family, friends, co-workers and the new year to come. The message of the season is a simple one: At this light-diminished time of year, we seek to create a spiritual spark to ignite our hope for a better tomorrow in our relationships, our families and our communities. This spark can be familiar and comfortable, recreated each year as tradition. It can also be a spontaneous emotional response triggered by an article, song, image, or a call to give. It can be a memory of the past and or a vision for the future. It moves us to act, become engaged and renew our commitment to our family and community.
We anticipate showing a greater appreciation for family and friends and for the needs of the less fortunate with varying degrees of restlessness. We know the reminder that we need to take a longer view and think beyond our day-to-day routine will always bring joy and happiness to others and can reward us in return. Giving our time, talent and gifts buoys our sense of belonging to a greater whole and propels us optimistically into the new year.
AIABaltimore’s Annual Meeting and Holiday Celebration is tomorrow night at the Centre Theater on North Avenue. We will recap our very successful 2015 and transition to 2016 with collegiality, cheer and a shared commitment to a better Baltimore. Our numbers are ever increasing and we are close to reaching our goal of 1,000 professional members. Please renew your 2016 membership and Chapter support post-haste and encourage others in your office to join the stimulating work of AIABaltimore. Just as the Centre Theater has brought light and activity to decades dark North Avenue, we can bring our personal spiritual spark of renewed commitment to our personal and professional relationships.
As I complete my term as President, the pleasure of being engaged and connected to so many of our members on an almost daily basis has truly charged my spirit for our community. We are present and engaged in the current civic and professional issues across the landscape of our presence in Baltimore and Maryland. I urge you to increase your involvement in all that AIABaltimore has to offer. The pleasure of serving and the reward of making a difference cannot be denied.
Best wishes to Anthony Consoli, AIA, President 2016, as he carries our collaborative effort forward to continued success.
Hope, joy and cheer,
Rob Sig
Rob Brennan, AIA
President, AIA Baltimore, 2015
Principal, brennan+company architects

November 23, 2015

int short
Our project, swell house, was just featured on Houzz in the ideabook “Decoración: Cambia los tiradores por otros de diseño más sugerente.” This translates roughly to Decoration: Change the handles for a more suggestive design.  The article details how you can refresh knobs on doors, drawers and cabinets on more personal pieces to give a unique touch to your home without breaking the bank. They featured a photo of a sliding door on a corrogated metal space with light wood floors and a dark metal number door pull from the swell house.

November 19, 2015

A bedroom from our project, regenerative nest, was featured on Houzz this week in an editorial ideabook called “What color should you paint your bedroom walls?” 
The backstory: the owners wished for their home to become a place where they could age comfortably and accommodate possible future physical limitations. In keeping with the spirit of renewal and regeneration, we introduced our clients to choices available for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with color and material choices that reflect this soothing regenerative spirit.

October 27, 2015


Jillian Storms, AIA, shares architectural precedents during Poldi Hirsch’s time as well as the residential designs of other women architects showcased in “The Early Women of Architecture in Maryland.” Picture taken during Docomomo Tour Day of Poldi Hirsch’s works.

“Well building hath three conditions: firmness, commodity, and delight.”
Vitruvius, ca 30 BC
The message of the value of architecture to shelter and inspire is a simple one. It must be well constructed, useful and beautiful.
I attended and participated in a number of Architecture Month events this October. The Women in Architecture Committee organized a lecture and book signing with Catherine Coleman Brawer on the work of Hildreth Meiere (1892-1961). Meiere is featured in the committee’s exhibit of “Early Women of Architecture in Maryland”, displaying her stunning mosaics on a number of prominent projects. The Committee also organized a tour of the mid-century modern architecture of Poldi Hirsch in Havre de Grace on Docomomo Tour Day.
The Emerging Professionals Committee held an exhibit featuring the entries in the fourth annual “Architecture Seen” in Transit Photo Contest. These photos will anchor their annual calendar for 2016. The photos are displayed at City Hall along with the entries in the B|MORE Resilient Design Competition, a superb effort organized by our Committee on the Environment along with the Baltimore Architecture Foundation.
The AIABaltimore Design Excellence in Design Awards Celebration was held mid-month to recognize and honor the design of projects and the service of people that have contributed to a better Baltimore. This much anticipated professional and social event was held at the Lithuanian Hall in West Baltimore, a site featured during this year’s Doors Open event.
The second annual Doors Open Baltimore 2015 was held this past Saturday. Over 50 buildings and places were available to visit under the theme “Undiscovered Baltimore.” By my estimate, I would say we easily doubled attendance and quadrupled public enthusiasm year over year for this stellar event. Doors Open week began with a lecture by urban planner Daniel D’Oca, titled “The Arsenal of Exclusion and Inclusion.” Mr. D’Oca, currently of Harvard and formerly of MICA, has cataloged urban design moves and historical events that have shaped the urban environment’s social fabric. His intent is to raise the awareness of architects, planners, and the public on the importance of “open city” design.
The spirit of the urban built environment has been captured for centuries by the artist’s hand. The Peale Museum is currently hosting “Cityscape 2015: Contemporary Plein Air Views of the Urban Scene.” These on-location paintings depict 7 urban Mid-Atlantic cities through the artists’ eyes.
Architecture Month is our conscious effort to make the value of what we do more visible to our community. Architecture is our profession and our delight. Architecture Month is AIABaltimore’s and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s annual initiative to share our expertise, knowledge and passion for the built environment with the citizens of Baltimore. It is intended to celebrate the architecture of our place, both past and present. We hope that this concentration of events will continue to ignite the interest in the potential of architecture to improve the quality of life in Baltimore.
I would like to extend many thanks to our committees, their members and the staff of AIABaltimore for making Architecture Month so rich an experience for us.
Rob Sig
Rob Brennan, AIA
President, AIA Baltimore, 2015
Principal, brennan+company architects

October 6, 2015


Architecture Month 2015: Appreciate and Celebrate

“Architecture is my delight and putting up and pulling down one of my favorite amusements.”
-Thomas Jefferson, 1809
October is Architecture Month in Baltimore. AIABaltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s mission for this annual program is to raise the awareness and appreciation of the magnificent built environment of Baltimore City and surrounding counties and to celebrate the recent renovation and new construction projects by members of our Chapter.
Our awareness event is Doors Open Baltimore on Saturday, October 24. Over 50 buildings and places will be accessible to the public under the theme of “Undiscovered Baltimore.”
Our celebration event is the AIABaltimore Excellence in Design Awards Celebration on Friday, October 9. This festive annual awards gathering will be held at the historic Lithuanian Hall on Hollins Street in West Baltimore.
Accompanying these programs are other opportunities to learn about and celebrate the architecture of Baltimore. There are historic tours from Mount Vernon and Fells Point to the mid-century modern buildings of Havre de Grace. There are lectures on immigration to Baltimore and the urban design practices of exclusion and inclusion and how they can inform on open city. The calendar of these many events can be found at
Open your ical right now and plan to attend these events! We are an experiential profession. Many times we must force ourselves to get out there and see what is being talked about. Once seen and experienced, we own it and can reference it with our clients and in our work.
Come out and join us,

Rob Brennan, AIA
President, AIA Baltimore, 2015
Principal, brennan+company architects

September 11, 2015

The Baltimore Sun just published an article “How a Baltimore County schoolhouse became a charming family home” about one of our clients and her beautiful completed converted schoolhouse home! You can find more photos and a detailed version of our contributions to the building on the schoolhouse renovation project page on our website. You can see the print version below:BS_20150823_Old-School Style cropped_no ad