The house, located in Anne Arundel County, sits 37 feet below the road. It’s a beautiful house that was originally full of dark woods and colors, and the owners wanted to bring more light into the space with lighter materials and surface. They also love sailing so we renovated the house with a nautical theme. The old pine wood interiors are being transformed into a Scandinavian retreat.

There’s a window seat in the kitchen so they can watch the birds. The project featured custom concrete countertops and cabinets in the kitchen, salvaged whitewashed white oak on the floor and ceiling, stone and pebble tile in the bathrooms, and lighter tiles and woods throughout.

Project Data
Locationunited states
Size3000 ft2
Who Lives Here2 grandparents + 3 dogs
Consultants plusen landscape design
Photography anne gummerson photography
Collections RENEW, the kitchen, the bath, the house

A 1980 lodge cabin.

A little all-natural, VOC free whitewash, a Rais free-standing stove, salvaged wood floors, custom bamboo cabinets and concrete counters, recycled glass tile, natural stone, and enlarged windows turned it into a….

A calm Scandinavian Home


30 feet down

The home is 30 feet down hill of the road.  A treacherous descent to the house was in place with little space on a windy dirt road to park a car.  The owner asked for a garage.  Simple, right? There is a garage on the road level, a shop on the mid-level and storage on the ground level.  An elevator tower was designed for handicap accessibility and loads of groceries.

We worked closely with Jeff Plusen, LA to integrate the landscape with the building. We incorporated natural materials on the garage to unearth it from the ground.

installing the multi-fold doors
Follow the 'River' of Pebbles to my Shower
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