Spring Hill Off Grid

The house to be built will be a 1000 square foot, single story, two bedroom, one bath home on a crawl space.

The goal of this project is to be completely off-grid with no tie to public electric service and no use of a septic system. The house will have a very high performance envelope and be energy and water positive. The energy loads of the house will be minimal and offset by solar panels. All materials used on the project will be locally sourced, recycled and/or recyclable and provide excellent indoor air quality.

All blackwater will be eliminated through use of a Clivus Multrum composting toilet. All installed plumbing fixtures will be the lowest flow available and all graywater will be plumbed to a filtering tank and then used to irrigate native landscaping or discharged to an on-site biofiltration system (See attached concept proposal from NutriSystems).

The architectural design will be a simple, modern cottage style home incorporating large, appropriately placed windows with a maximum connection to the landscape. The house will be oriented and designed to be heated and cooled passively and will have a minimal footprint on the land.

The landscape and plantings will consist of native and edible vegetation and a freedom (no-mow) lawn. Irrigation will be provided by rainwater and graywater. All path and driveway surfaces will be permeable and disturbance to site will be the minimum necessary.

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