Full Service Architectural Design

The delivery of Architectural Services has been historically grouped into 5 phases known as Base Services

1. Schematic Design
  • Explore design requirements through multiple options based on project requirements
2. Design Development
  • Selection of ‘best fit’ option based on Owner parameters
  • Further develop selected option in plan, elevation, materials
  • Seek preliminary pricing from interested contractors for the developed option
3. Contract Documents
  • Based on preliminary pricing results, modify selected design option and scope
  • Develop drawings and written specifications for bid and construction
  • Coordinate engineering and additional consultants as required with final design
  • Issue drawings and specs to multiple contractors for their final construction number
4. Bid
  • Contractors develop their bid number based on the final drawings and specs. Architect responds to questions by Contractor
  • Architect submits drawings for building permit
  • Contractor submits final bid for construction based on drawings and specs
5. Contract Administration
  • Architect assists Owner in contractor selection and contract negotiation
  • Architect monitors project construction for compliance with construction documents
  • Architect monitors payment to Contractor
  • Architect assists in project close-out

Additional Services

Services in support of Base Services include:

  • Measured drawings and modeling of existing building
  • Master Planning, Feasibility Studies, Programming
  • Site development and Zoning variance issues
  • Historic Preservation Tax Credit documentation and application
  • Comprehensive interior design and detailing of cabinets, built-ins
  • Value engineering
  • Building permit process


Historic Property Restorations, Additions and Tax Credits

brennan+company architects values every existing structure for its history of time and place. We encourage owners of historic properties and those residing in historic districts to take advantage of state and local historic tax credits for old house repair, rehabilitation and restoration. These historic tax credits, taken together, can provide income tax and property tax credits of up to 40% of the cost of approved work. Tax credits do not apply to new construction, but additions will have to be reviewed as part of the tax credit review process. We can assist you in researching and applying for these increasingly important tax credits. We have frequently acted as the Owner’s representative before state and local historic review commissions. The most sustainable housing choice is to renovate an existing structure.

Net Zero Resilient Design

brennan+company architects has designed some of the region's first Net Zero houses and renovations. We approach these projects with an efficiency-first mentality, using energy design and building science metrics informed by the Passive House Institute. We view Net Zero is not just energy, but all of our resources including Zero Water, Zero Waste and carbon sequestering when possible. We implement components and strategies that create buildings that can be resilient during storms, vacations, or economic crisis. Our goal is to be healthy, high-performing, resilient and foam-free in our approach to the design of your home or community project.

Permaculture Site and Landscape Design

Permaculture is a design methodology and decision making process that approaches each project with a holistic and resilient community-sufficient view of site, agriculture, built infrastructure, economy and social equity. Historically, permaculture has focused primarily on landscapes and designing water, plant and food systems that exist symbiotically. brennan+company architects has the expertise to design food and environmental landscapes that exist in harmony with each other AND respond to our need for economic and social resiliency and regeneration.

04_expertise_real estate
Real Estate and Choosing the Right House or site for your new Home

The core of our work over the past 30 years has been to assist homeowners in modifying their houses to better adapt to their families, lifestyle and site. Many Owners initially buy their house with less objectivity and more passion. brennan+company architects has recently assisted an increasing number of house seekers in the home-buying process. A short visit to potential purchase options with you can focus on the optimal house or site with the maximum potential over time.