Three Reasons to Build Your Green Dream

September 30, 2010

We think it is a very good idea to build your green home…now. You can design, plan, explore, build, add on to or renovate with green design. There are some good, sustainable reasons that building now makes sense. Here are three of them:

1. Green is now. Momentum is now. Stasis is so 90s. The time has never been better. Contractors who have scoffed at the idea of "building green," or priced it out of the market to cover their fear of the unknown, are now likely to be happy to build your project, build it more cheaply than before, and build it right. Because work opportunities are down, the costs are down and motivation is up. Builders are retraining themselves and educating their workers to build green.

2. Lending has become much more fluid. This is critical, of course. Rates are low. Many good, solid banks are growing hungry to lend. There is a lending "fragrance" in the air.

3. Building green now, will help the revolution come faster. This is a window of opportunity to change the housing market. Though you dreamed of a green home for years, it was difficult to find someone to take it on. Developers, for example, were not building greenhomes. Actually, they were building ecologically disastrous homes. Lots of people were. Lots of architects were! If you wanted a green home you had to fight solid resistance, even from your community housing authorities. By building green now, in a rising, favorable time, you can have a hand in changing the housing market.

Give us a call, we love green. We would love to help you design your green, dream house.