house friendly . planet friendly

November 8, 2010

friendly architecture. a new architectural theory? friendly architecture makes me laugh, smile and feel warm and cozy. i laugh out of joy, taking pleasure out of the beauty of form, framing a view in a small window. i laugh out of joy when these forms are inspired by nature and when my view is of the bright red maple tree i pay homage to on a crisp fall morning. i smile at the colors in my home, to see my baby sit on our floor, and when i feel the southern sunlight warm my hands as i type these words. i smile because my colors are inspired by nature, my floors are yummy soft cork, and my home takes advantage of the warm radiant beauty of the sun. i feel cozy here in the friendly warmth of this place, the fresh air, the sunlight. my home wraps me in an insulated blanket, blinking with its thick glass windows, breathing in constant, temperate fresh air. we are house friendly. we are planet friendly.

photo by: dawn kearney photography