ECOhistoric renovation: the merryman house, roof

October 11, 2011

As part of the renovation, we added substantial insulation to the second floor shed roof space, which will ultimately be our working studio.

The existing roof structure was 2×4 framing! We filled that with Johns Manville, formaldehyde-free blown-in fiberglass batts and on top of the roof structure added 3 1/2" of polyiso insulation.

We also added (3) Velux sun tunnels for added daylight to the studio and showroom space. The photo above shows the sun tunnel cut through the 3 1/2" of polyiso.

We placed a new reflective white roof on these shed roof spaces, which were originally black tar.

all in all, we've achieved a R-value of 35.4 plus the reflective roof. not bad for a 171 year old building!