ECOhistoric renovation: 8333 Main Street, landscaping

December 6, 2011

Earlier in the fall we had a beautiful landscape plan drawn up by our colleague Jeff Plusen of Plusen Designs. The plan incorporated native plantings, reuse of material, rainwater capture and clean architectural lines.

The landscaping will be done in phases, with the first phase being clearing.  The yard had not been maintained for years. many years. A lot of work went into clearing and it was exciting to see the yard be uncovered.

An extended brick patio was found as well as a height difference of roughly 14" from the brick patio to the yard. Several large pieces of granite were also discovered and used as a mini retaining wall for this change in height. Though this discovery alters the original concept a bit, we will adhere to it as much as possible.

To get us through to Spring, grass was planted in the 'lawn' and the beds were mulched. Phase II will be installing the native plants, followed by future Phases to rework the brick patio, and install the water feature/rain capturing system.

Until then, we are extremely excited to look out to a lovely, CLEAN yard and cannot wait for the nesting birds of Spring, flowers blooming and enjoying tea out on the patio! An additional thank you to Jeff Plusen for providing a great design.