25 Tips for Homeowners to Improve their House

March 12, 2012

image from better homes + gardens magazine

  1. Hire an architect – its your best investment.
  2. Love your house – it fosters good family time.
  3. It is your house, don't focus more on whose house it might be in 15 years.
  4. Consult an architect when buying and selling a house.
  5. Invest in durable, healthy materials.
  6. Go for energy + historic tax credits.
  7. Not all windows are created equal.
  8. A lot of insulation + air sealing goes a long way.
  9. If doing #8, install a mechanical whole-house ventillation system to keep your air fresh.
  10. When planning a kitchen, think about what it willl be like to clean it.
  11. Less is less. More is more. Find the balance.
  12. Don't be afraid of color.
  13. Make sure your faucets are metal. Avoid plastic fittings. You get what you pay for.
  14. Don't feel obligated to remove walls.
  15. Your house details are a part of the house facade, the neighborhood design, the town architecture: what you put on their defines much more than your personal style.
  16. Vinyl is boring, unattractive, and toxic.
  17. Declutter before you even think of an addition.
  18. Use the space you have, just rearrange and reallocate. Who says your dining room has to be a dining room.
  19. Purchase high efficiency appliences and + low flow fixtures.
  20. Invest in your home's envelope, decrease your mechanical system sizes + save money.
  21. Hire an architect – its your best investment. Ooops! We already said that!
  22. Find the sunny spot in your house and live there.
  23. Reduce indoor allergies by purchasing furniture + textiles that are made without petroleum based, fire-retardent chemicals.
  24. Capture rain in your rain barrels and release into your vegetable garden.
  25. Invest in an outdoor room.