Brennan+Company Architects Celebrates its 25th Year in March!

March 12, 2012

In 1987, Robert P. Brennan, AIA, established Brennan+Company Architects, a residential and small commercial architecture firm. Mr. Brennan dedicated himself to creating a firm based on his values, commitment and of course, beautiful design. Over the years, Rob and his staff have maintained a high level of client service, appropriate design and have pushed the envelope of small business architecture. Brennan+architect has been the architect on several schools, community projects and a multitude of residential rennovations, additions, and new homes. Robs passion is for historic preservation and a desire to maintain our region's architectural heritage. Brennan+Company has also been a leader in the area's sustainable "green" architectural movement. In 2003, Rob founded alter-ego,  and eco-friendly kitchen and bath design showroom and retailer.

As Brennan+Company heads in to the 25th year, they do so in their recently restored, sustainably renovated building in Ellicott City, Maryland's Main Street Historic District. Brennan+Company designed the renovation to the 17-year old structure, following the guidelines of the Historic Preservation review board and did so in an environmentally friendly way. For more information on this exciting project, please visit the company's website.

In today's tenuous economic climate, it has been challenging to sustain a small architectural firm. However, the stablility and legacy of Brennan+Company has endured. Please join us in celebrating 25 years of business and glorious design by giving Rob a handshake, pat on the back, email, social media well-wish, or small coffee.