the INDRAlogic house: and the trees begin to fall…

April 28, 2014

We hired local tree climber and arborist, Tim Clark, to cut down the 15-plus, 200 foot giants.  It has been quite the undertaking and really hard work – so he says. The trees are coming down in huge thundering, earth-shaking crashes.  These huge logs as well as limbs up to 8" in diameter will be milled on site.  Apparently we have enough wood to build the entire house and are running out of area to stockpile logs, mulch and eventually the milled wood. It is a site to behold.  Just the falling of these massive logs alone was enough to destroy the moss and ferns.  So much for treading lightly! We will have enough mulch to cover the entire exposed area inside the L.O.D. to save on planting, this will also allow us to meet our grading requirements sooner to receive final approval from the site inspector.  We are also stockpiling wood that we can eventually use in the wood burning fireplace.  Once Tim has cut and piled all the logs we will have John, from Maryland Logs 2 Lumber, select the millable wood and the rest will go to the local mill on River Road.