color surprises

December 3, 2014

Fall in New York is spectacular, especially for an unplanned weekend getaway. The foliage of Central Park reflected on the water, the kids (and adults alike) iceskating, together with the street musician signing Bocelli under the arched bridge satiated all the senses. However it’s the little discoveries that make it exquisite. Making my way through ticketing at the Met, I overheard a few inquiring on the medieval armor collections. I must admit I was partial to that as well, having young boys often enact those times of chivalry. Yet it wasn’t until I saw the little 6th cent. b.c. colorful vases that I realized I had touched home. Perhaps some of you have an affinity to Missoni, or simply heard of last year’s Target-craze when Missoni-for-Target was launched. Yes, it is those distinguishable lines, earthy tones that reflect the colors of the Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean seas, the long and snarly coasts, the shrubs and small fruits. We seek these colors and patterns in today’s terra-cotta tiles, wallpapers, articles of clothing as they were once reflected in century old perfume bottles. New York is full of surprises.