Rob Brennan's AIABalt Presidential Letter: October is Architecture Month!

October 6, 2015


Architecture Month 2015: Appreciate and Celebrate

“Architecture is my delight and putting up and pulling down one of my favorite amusements.”
-Thomas Jefferson, 1809
October is Architecture Month in Baltimore. AIABaltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s mission for this annual program is to raise the awareness and appreciation of the magnificent built environment of Baltimore City and surrounding counties and to celebrate the recent renovation and new construction projects by members of our Chapter.
Our awareness event is Doors Open Baltimore on Saturday, October 24. Over 50 buildings and places will be accessible to the public under the theme of “Undiscovered Baltimore.”
Our celebration event is the AIABaltimore Excellence in Design Awards Celebration on Friday, October 9. This festive annual awards gathering will be held at the historic Lithuanian Hall on Hollins Street in West Baltimore.
Accompanying these programs are other opportunities to learn about and celebrate the architecture of Baltimore. There are historic tours from Mount Vernon and Fells Point to the mid-century modern buildings of Havre de Grace. There are lectures on immigration to Baltimore and the urban design practices of exclusion and inclusion and how they can inform on open city. The calendar of these many events can be found at
Open your ical right now and plan to attend these events! We are an experiential profession. Many times we must force ourselves to get out there and see what is being talked about. Once seen and experienced, we own it and can reference it with our clients and in our work.
Come out and join us,

Rob Brennan, AIA
President, AIA Baltimore, 2015
Principal, brennan+company architects